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Aro Lucha CEO Jason Brown addresses Vince Russo’s role with the company

After several weeks of questions posted on Arolucha’s We Funder account, Aro Lucha’s CEO has finally addressed the elephant in the room.

In the comments/Q & A section, Jason Brown said that Russo is not an employee of Aro Lucha. Brown states, “Vince was hired as a 3rd party, independent contractor, to review scripts, storylines for characters, plot points, and literary elements for Aro Lucha & Konnan, our current Head Writer (and also one of the most famous and prestigious Latino Writers and Luchadores of All Time).”

Brown went on to say that he spoke with Russo about things that came up in the racial discrimination lawsuit against WCW in the late 90’s. Brown went on to say that Russo told him that the negative statements about minorities were “his words were taken out of context from an interview that he did in the past.”

He added, “Vince’s work record speaks for itself, and my job is to make our product the best that it can be – I owe that to our fans and our investors. I lean towards giving someone the benefit of the doubt. I will not crucify someone for their past. We have all made mistakes.”

For whatever it’s worth, it was reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Russo is no longer involved with Aro Lucha.

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