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Big update on the future of Lucha Underground

The future of Lucha Underground has been on the minds of the fans, talent, and staff that work there. They haven’t filmed anything for about 15 months and with each passing day, it looked like the promotion was near its end.

However, on Wednesday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez closed the show by saying that there would be huge news breaking on the future of the promotion. He simply said, “Quick note. In the next 24-48 hours, there might be some big news on Lucha Underground so be ready for that.”

Well, the news is that they were able to secure some funding to tape another season. On the Wrestling Observer forum, he said that they have a source of funding but the budget will have to be cut back for them to continue.

That sounds like good news for fans of the show but it could be bad news for some of the people that work there if they are forced to cut down on some of their staff. The El Rey Network will gladly pick up the show for another season but the issues with the promotion have always been about the costs for tapings. It will be interesting to see (if they do tape another set of shows) how things look like for season 4 with the reduced budget.

There’s a ton of breaking news within the last 24 hours. Catch up now by clicking below:

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