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Photo Credit: El Rey Network / Lucha Underground

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Big update on the issues surrounding Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground just wrapped up their third season and they’re looking to start a fourth as soon as money gets worked out. Dave Meltzer previously discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter how there is money available but it’s not everything Lucha Underground needs for the fourth season.

If they did go ahead and do the fourth season of Lucha Underground with the money available not only would the roster be reduced for obvious reasons like Rey Mysterio and Penta OM’s departures, but they would also need to work with a much-diminished production quality. The Temple certainly wouldn’t look the same.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the owners of Lucha Underground are currently out pitching the show to other networks outside of the El Rey Network. They are hoping to get a new station which will run the show with the same money and produce the show as usual. After all, El Rey Network has offered money for the fourth season, but it’s not nearly enough to carry on with business as usual.

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