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Brad Armstrong, and the legacy that will never be forgotten – Dr. Tom Prichard reflects

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This week, many wrestling stars tweeted their thoughts on remembering former WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong.

I also had the pleasure this week to interview former WWE Tag Team Champion Dr. Tom Prichard, and he shared his thoughts on this week being the fifth year of Armstrong's passing.

"[November 1st] marks five years since Brad Armstrong passed away. He was my very, very best friend. So... this is a bitter sweet night. This was the last night, five years ago, that he took his daughter trick-or-treating and then never woke up. I called him the next morning and got his wife.

"So, this is one of those things that will always stay with me for the rest of my life because he was the only guy in the business I could trust completely and we had a lot of similar experiences.

"I just want everybody to know this is the fifth year that Brad Armstrong passed away... The greatest thing about Brad was that he could work with anybody. If you couldn't have a great match with Brad Armstrong, you didn't belong in this business. I've seen him take cow manure and make it look like a star. Guys who had no business being in the ring, he made them look like stars.

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"So, it was a loss in the business, but it was an even bigger loss in my life. He was a guy I could just call up and say, 'Hey Brad. I've got [something] to say and no way to say it. I just need to talk and get this off my chest.' And he always listened and always made me laugh. He's sorely missed."

Prichard was certainly right about the level of expertise that Armstrong had in the ring. He performed a Russian Leg Sweep like no other, and his fluid in-ring work made even the greenest of rookies look like formidable competitors.

In the early 1990s, I remember Brad Armstrong being one of the premier athletes in WCW's Light Heavyweight Division. In an industry where theme songs make superstars, he actually did the reverse. His in-ring work embodied the heart of a lion, and his theme song was quite fitting. Unfortunately, when the Light Heavyweight Championship dissolved in 1992, Armstrong found himself in numerous spots which did not help his ascension up the rankings. Still, he made his competitors look like stars, selflessly competing in the ring.

It was great to see Armstrong get an opportunity to commentate for WWE's ECW at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007. He was a person well-deserved of a position in WWE, as his expertise was like a priceless gem.

From all the people I have talked to regarding Armstrong, it is unanimous that he was one of the most kindest and funniest people that you could ever meet. There are some that said he was perhaps too kind from a business perspective, as he was always willing to make someone else look good over himself. These are the characteristics that transcend far beyond the sport of professional wrestling, and has left an indelible mark to many.