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BREAKING: Hijo del Perro Aguayo dies during a match with Rey Mysterio

There is more bad news coming from Mexico. Last week AAA lost their coordinator Irma Osorno in a bus crash. This time the bad news comes from “The Crash” event in Tijuana, Mexico where Rey Mysterio and Extreme Tiger faced Hijo del Perro Aguayo and TNA star Manik. Konnan was at ringside during the match.

Reports coming from Tijuana, Mexico say that Hijo del Perro Aguayo suffered some sort of cervical trauma during his match with Rey Mysterio and would later die from his injuries.

Original reports from Mexico said that the injury happened after he took Rey’s 619 move to the trachea while trying to avoid the move and that caused severe whiplash. Aguayo also teamed with Rey just two days earlier in the main event of the Rey de Reyes pay-per-view.

Aguayo was rushed from the arena but was pronounced dead at 1am at the hospital. We will have more on this when the information becomes available.

UPDATE: There are reports from fans that were at the show saying that the spot was setup for Manik and Aguayo to take a double 619 from Rey but Manik hit the ropes too early and the rope hit Aguayo in the neck as he was falling forward. Other reports say that it looked like both men were supposed to move and not take the move but Aguayo was KO’ed and fell to the ropes after a kick from Rey.

UPDATE 2: Another video posted online makes it clear that he was knocked out before he and Manik hit the ropes for the 619 spot.

Obviously, this is a horrible freak accident and I feel horrible for Aguayo’s friends and family and horrible for the guys that were involved in the match. RIP Aguayo.

UPDATE 3: Another video  makes it clear that he was out before he hit the ropes and not from the 619. Reports from Mexico suggest that Aguayo may have been injured from the kick to the head (scroll down to see the photo) that came before the set up for the 619.

UPDATE 4: The Wrestling Observer reports that the belief at the time everything was happening was that he suffered a concussion and would be fine but he died shortly after in the Tijuana hospital. There are reports of a brain hemorrhage or cervical spine trauma as being the cause of death. Again, he did not take the 619 and he was hurt after the dropkick from Rey Mysterio or he fell wrong on the ropes and passed out.

UPDATE 5: Dave Meltzer updated his report saying that sources at the hospital indicate that the initial cause of death was cervical spine trauma coming from when the ropes snapped his neck.

UPDATE 6: Click here for the latest update from Dave Meltzer. Meltzer also noted in an audio update (subscription) that doctor was already tending to 2 wrestlers backstage that were hurt earlier in the show. There’s no way to know if the doctor being at ringside would have made a difference.


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