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Bret Hart wrestles his first match in years?

There were reports this week that Bret Hart had wrestled his first match in years at a show in Spyrfield, Nova Scotia on 8/16. The reports were tha Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith, Jr beat local wrestlers Mr. Suave and Julian Young in the mian event with a double sharpshooter finish. That isn't exactly the case. The promotion did advertise that match as the main event without telling Bret and Davey. It's happened in the past where Bret would be advertised for an autograph show and then he's asked to do spots and the sharpshooter. Bret would then nix it.

Bret did agree to do the sharpshooter but made it clear to them that he couldn't do a wrestling match. Bret has legal issues with Lloyd's of London since they pointed to his matches with WWE in 2010 as proof they say that he could still wrestle and his injury in WCW didn't really end his career. Bret managed Davey in a handicap match against the two local wrestlers. The finish of the match was Smith beating one of them with the sharpshooter and then Bret coming in and putting the other gun in a sharpshooter to prevent him from breaking up Davey's submission.

The recap that was sent out from the show (which was inaccurate) was that Bret wrestled the match.

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