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Brian Cage Talks Donald Trump, “Trump 2016” Shirt Controversy, Social Media Backlash, more

As they say in wrestling “controversy creates cash” and today’s guest has stirred up his fair share of controversy as of late with his on screen endorsement of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and now The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes the heat-seeking star of Lucha Underground Brian Cage as today’s guest. Since losing his hair to Albeto El Patron and TripleMania and wearing a “Trump 2016” shirt to the ring, Cage has been thrust into the mainstream spotlight as outside pro wrestling press has covered his latest antics antagonizing the crowds of Mexico, something he is no stranger to. A former WWE Developmental talent and a former TNA Gutcheck contestant, Cage is firmly entrenched in his most prominent role to date and fills John and Chad in on his rise to mainstream success.


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Brian Cage Did NOT See MAJOR Backlash Coming For Supporting Donald Trump:


Thoughts on performing in Lucha Underground thus far:

The product is completely different, the matches are completely different as far as there the most open and fun I’ve had anywhere. They are the best major company that I’ve ever worked for. They just treat us like stars, it’s nothing but fun. It’s what I thought being a pro-wrestler would be like when I was ten years old.

His match vs. Alberto El Patron and losing his hair at TripleMania:

Seeing the highlights of the replay the night of the show when I tried attacking him after the match with my head shaved, it weirded me out, like holy crap that’s me? I’ve gotten used to it now and funny enough, many people have already said that it doesn’t look that bad, I look meaner or tougher now probably because I look like a racist or a thug. After supporting Donald Trump and curb-stomping Willie Mack through a cinder-block I guess that doesn’t do me any favors.

The match living up to the long build:

The match was awesome. It was a pretty substantial feud. We’ve been doing this thing since February of this year and just like WrestleMania all the bigger matches that have bigger story-lines lasting all year long. It would be a big match for myself and Del Rio (El Patron) at TripleMania but hair vs hair or hair vs. title and when you factor in the feud or the promos and matches leading up to that point it brings a lot more to the table and means a lot more. I was stoked to be there. It was one of the biggest matches of my career and to return to North-American Pay Per View and English commentary. I’ll say even though I came up short I was very happy with everything.

How the Trump 2016 shirt idea came together:

A buddy of mine that I work out with asked me if I had heard Donald Trump’s little speech and he gave me the rundown on it and I said “dude that’s crazy” and I thought I’m going to get a Donald Trump shirt. It was kind of a joke, but the more I thought about it and the more I thought about it, I thought this is going to be an awesome reaction. I really just thought I would do it for the cheap “pop” and to get “heat” and it was definitely an afterthought and had zero inclination that I would get any sort of more of a response out of it and that it would matter that much. Later, I kind of got a little worried and asked Konan, “Am I going to get shot?”

Losing Twitter followers and Social Media reaction following TripleMania:

Right away a lot of people were popping for it and I lost a lot of Twitter followers right away too because people took offense to it which I thought was great, if I was pissing people off who aren’t even hearing this stuff.  Obviously I’ve been hit up about it and asked about it by a lot of different people, I’ve done different promos and it definitely got a lot more attention than I expected it to and obviously I did not plan this out but as you said the time wise it worked out perfectly and into my favor. I’ve had offers from people to sign the shirt and sell it to them to have the authentic ring-worn TripleMania entrance shirt from Brian Cage but I might just keep that shirt and keep doing it.

The perception he is supporting Donald Trump:

Obviously the first thing whether I support him or not personally I don’t think really matters. I find it kind of funny like “oh come on you guys can be such babies” but at the same token, I didn’t get real offended or mad, it was more like “oh man I guess people are that offended” or took that much offense that I’m doing something right. Same thing is if I’m getting that much heat and people are talking about it and are pissed off well then you are doing something right and this is still wrestling at the end of the day and when you can have a real emotion whether it be positive or negative then that’s always an amazing accomplishment. I was stoked that I was able to partake in it and create that kind of a stir.

His TripleMania promos mimicking a Donald Trump speech:

I didn’t even think about that. I know they cut some promos leading up to TripleMania where I ended all my promos saying the same tag line of “Making America Great Again” or “Just like Donald Trump, Brian Cage is Making America Great Again” whatever he’s definitely a character himself. Regardless of his opinions or thoughts or beliefs the one thing that I do find great about him and I think people should give him credit for, no matter how bad something he says is or dumb or whatever; he says it, fully believes it and he doesn’t give a crap what you think. It’s maybe not as fan-favorite-ish but maybe more Austin-ish where he’ll say whatever he wants. I pop for that and I think that’s rad and I know people have said that “you should start watching his promos or go to one of his little gatherings and cut a promo. It’s all possible solutions and it’s kind of in the moment, I was just going to do this one time but I think anytime I go out doing any kind of wrestling in Mexico or any Lucha based promotion then I am definitely going heel and that shits coming with me.

Is the Brian Cage character “voting” for Donald Trump:

Oh for sure. I think he already has. He has already put in a ballot and I think he is going to vote multiple times: Brian Cage, Colin Cage, Mr. GMSI, The F’n Machine just trying to get multiple votes in there.

Brian Cage also discusses his relationship with Chris Kanyon and how Kanyon helped him break into the business, working WWE Developmental, growing up as a wrestling fan, Working outside the United States, Lucha Underground and much more.

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