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Brian Hebner on Ric Flair's return to the ring: "I love you, but what the fu*k are you thinking?"



On this week's "Refin' It Up," Brian Hebner was asked to give his thoughts on Ric Flair returning to the ring.

"Ric Flair, I love you, but what the fu*k are you thinking?," Hebner exclaimed.

"This man is 73 years old. He has a pacemaker and is not in the best of health or in the best of shape. I'm sorry. I don't see anything exciting about this to me at all. Nothing."

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"Now if he was coming out in gimmick to walk down the aisle with his daughter or something like that, fine. This, to me, is ridiculous. It really is," he continued.

"I know how my father is, and I can almost bet you my father is in better health than Ric Flair. They're probably equal on alcoholic. But I can tell you right now, I see my dad do his thing, which is nowhere near what Ric Flair is going to have to do, which is take a bump, get up, feed, or whatever he's going to do."

"Like I said, I love Ric Flair, but I think this is going to tarnish more than it's going to be helping his legacy. I'm just not excited about it. I really think it's stupid. If it's about money, I guess you got to do what you got to do, but to me, there's nothing positive about this. Not one thing.”

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