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Brian Pillman Jr makes pro wrestling debut

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Brian Pillman Jr makes pro wrestling debut

Flying Brian Pillman was a man with athletic prowess unlike many and a unique personality that could be described as charismatic along with many other things. The Loose Cannon sadly passed away long before his true potential in the pro wrestling business could be reached but it turns out that he left a legacy and his son, Brian Pillman Jr who is following in his father’s footsteps.

But Pillman isn’t starting in NXT. Instead he is blazing a trail of his own which could possibly land him in much bigger places soon enough. After all, with training from Lance Storm, he has a great foundation to work from.

Pillman, Jr has been working hard for this moment and it looks like there will be plenty more to come as the man who was just three years old when his legendary father passed away will continue in his path to pro wrestling stardom.

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