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Sabu stabs Jimmy Havoc in the face at IPW show (Photos)

Jimmy Havoc is an indie wrestler who is gaining a sizable fanbase due to his personality and work in the ring. If you’re not familiar with him you should check out his work. He’s quite entertaining in and out of the ring and he seems to be a reasonable enough guy. Okay, let’s face it if you know Jimmy Havoc’s work he’s a little insane. But this takes the cake, in fact, it takes the cake and stabs it two times in the face as well.

Havoc squared off against the hardcore icon Sabu at IPW’s UK Super 8 Tournament and he got way more out of the deal than the usual barbed wire and possible table spot. During their encounter, Sabu pulled out an extremely sharp instrument and started stabbing Jimmy Havoc in the face.

This looks incredibly painful and as you can see from this tweet sent out by Havoc the aftermath was rather brutal. He also said he’s not happy about it either, but that’s an understandable way to feel about the situation. After all, it’s not every day when you get stabbed on the job.


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