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Chris Jericho furious at David Benoit’s wrestling booking

It looks like the pro wrestling debut for the son of Chris Benoit in July is off. David Benoit was scheduled to wrestle his first match for Smith Hart’s Hart Family Legacy promotion.  Benoit was supposed to team with Chavo Guerrero. Smith Hart convinced David to do the show to help garner attention and help draw a house for the show. When word got out Chris Jericho contacted Smith Hart and was said to be furious over them advertising David for the show. Chris was furious because David has not been formally trained to do a match.

Chavo then cancelled the booking. Chavo agreed to the booking because Smith told him that David had experience and everything would be okay. Smith told Jericho that they never planned on having David wrestle and that they would just be doing an angle with him (note, Smith Hart’s twitter actually did say that he would be making his wrestling debut).

David asked Triple H and William Regal years ago about becoming a wrestler and was told that he should finish high school and that Lance Storm was the best person in the area to train him. Benoit did enroll in several training camps but never showed up on the first day so he was never formally trained. Jericho was really mad at the whole situation and tried to get the match stopped.

They also planned on having Dan Severn vs. Harry Smith on the show. Kurt Angle was the original idea for Harry Smith but he’s too banged up and he will be out for several months after ACL surgery. Severn has cancelled his booking for that show and it looks like Harry Smith won’t be able to work the show because he has to fly to Japan on that day for the G-1 Climax tournament.

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