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Chris Masters on joining GFW, if he should’ve joined TNA when he was released from WWE in 2011 and more

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters appeared on Wrestle’s Radio to promote Global Force Wrestling’s upcoming shows this weekend. He discussed appearing for Global Force Wrestling, if he feels that the wrestling business needs a revolution in 2015 and why he didn’t join TNA in 2011 after being released from WWE.

What do you expect from the Grand Slam Tour and the tv tapings in Las Vegas?

“I think we have a great roster of talents basically. Harry Smith for example, you just looking at what he did in WWE you gonna completely not recognize the guy now because he is probably one of the top in ring worker in the world today. I have seen him have some of his best matches in the last couple of years. It’s exciting that he is on board. Lance Hoyt is a guy that I’ve worked with before, he is a very physical dude, another great in ring worker, tremendous asset. Of course there are the good brothers Gallows and Anderson from Bullet Club, there are bringing their presence. Sonjay Dutt, another one really talented in ring worker. Again, I’m not Jeff Jarrett but I can say from looking at what he is been able to put together and produce, I think we gonna have a top notch wrestling product where you gonna get your fair share of everything. Entertainment but still an emphasis on good in ring matches. The dates are adding up and adding up. The crew we got. It’s gonna get gain attraction and I know the hardcore wrestling fans we’ll pay attention but obviously the goal we’ll be to capture even the casual wrestling fan. We’ll see where it goes but I think that it’s a good time for alternatives to WWE. There are a lot of budding wrestling companies and hardcore wrestling fans are looking for alternatives and they are looking to see maybe better talents than what WWE has to offer be quite honest. You can find that like Preston City Wrestling, Global Force and Ring of Honor.”

Do you think the wrestling business needs a revolution in 2015?

“That was I was referring to in terms of being a market for these budding wrestling companies. This might be the start of a revolution because you’ve got Global Force Westling starting here, you’ve got House of Hardcore, not promoting other brands but there is obviously Lucha Underground. I can’t see the future but I definitely feel confident in my choice to be with Global Force Wrestling, I feel confident with Jeff Jarrett’s leadership. I’m glad to be a part of GFW at this point.”

After being released from WWE in 2011, why did you not resign with TNA?

“I don’t know. I was under the assumption that I was going to be hired but you never know. I those situations it could be one person that take the decision. Does they see what you have to offer? Maybe it’s a matter of timing. I don’t have the perfect answer but at the time, I come to do the dark match. I they want to use me, cool, if you don’t, I’m doing fine right now. There si also the thing that TNA don’t want you to work on the indy scene if the show is recorded, packaged for DVD or anything like that. I was working so heavily at the time. For a relevant standpoint, sure it would be nice to be on TNA but it wasn’t like I needed it. All signs pointed to the fact that they were interested and they would hire me, the reception that I got from the crowd was surprisingly very great but it didn’t happen. I’ve learned over my over ten years in this business that you can’t count on anything till it is 100% happening. No matter what is said to you or what it is promised. That notion has been reconfirmed time and time again.”

You can listen to the entire interview down below:


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