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Christopher Daniels discusses the All In sell-out and evolution of pro wrestling

Christopher Daniels is still lighting up the indie wrestling scene and since his return to ROH, he’s been on a great path impressing crowds whenever he laces up his boots. The four-time X Division Champion has his eyes set on the pro wrestling scene as he’s seen an evolution just like the rest of us have.

Daniel recently spoke to Monsters and Critics where he discussed what led to the All In event. The important show in Chicago on September 1st might not be the first sign of a growing indie wrestling scene but it was certainly a very important one.

“I think we were already in that resurgence. I don’t think that All In was the first sign of that resurgence but was the most recent sign of that resurgence. I feel like, right now, with the proliferation of professional wrestling at the fingertips of the fans – they can do out and find with all the different streaming services and all the different promotions that are finding success right now, I feel like there is more opportunity for a real professional wrestling fan to find something that he or she likes in professional wrestling at their fingertips.”

“All they have to do is get on their tablet or computer and search it out. I feel like there is definitely a resurgence in independent wrestling. It is that wide variety of styles and promotions and wrestlers out there. You talk about All In and that speaks to the popularity of Matt and Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes right not of Bullet Club.”

The pro wrestling world provides us with more opportunities than ever as fans to pick and choose the most dynamics companies and entertainers who speak to us the most. Daniels continued as he expanded on the current pro wrestling landscape.

“Apart from that too, you are seeing different companies from around the world and around the United States finding more and more success and building on their own fan bases and that is because not only are the live fans enjoying what they are seeing but fans across the internet are reaching out and trying to what is scratching their itch for professional wrestling.”

“Right now, it’s the best time in the world to be a professional wrestling fan.”

In the end, pro wrestling is supposed to entertain and that’s exactly what’s going on. Whether fans flock to WWE, NJPW, ROH, or any number of outstanding indie federations in operation the continued growth of the pro wrestling scene will be a very fun ride for anyone involved.

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