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CM Punk teases possible return to pro wrestling at “All In”

It should be no secret at this point that CM Punk has an open invitation to join the Bullet Club. The BC guys and Punk might be the perfect fit but he’s currently concentrating on his MMA career and preparing for his second UFC fight if that ever gets made official.

The Young Bucks are still tearing it up all over the world and they’re currently in Australia performing for droves of people with New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Fall Out Down Under. Matt Jackson recently updated fans on their travel schedule and The Second City Savior chimed telling them to run a marathon on top of it and get back to him. Then CM Punk included a kissy face emoji to the oldest of the Young Bucks.

Punk’s MMA training has to be severe but it’s probably kept him in good enough shape to wrestle once again. He could always hop in a ring sometime in the fall if he has a fight in June as speculated. Of course, he would have to express the interest in taking on another match in the squared circle because he’s currently focusing on the Octagon.

Matt Jackson fired back by saying, “let’s run one in Setepmber” obviously making reference to their upcoming All In event. If they wanted to ensure a sellout then having CM Punk’s return to the ring could turn All In even more of a destination event, that’s for sure.

CM Punk replied in the usual fashion by keeping the conversation on running marathons. He said he’ll be doing one in Chicago in October and he is probably talking about the Chicago Marathon which is held in early October every year. But then Punk went on to say he’d be game for a little running with the Young Bucks in September as well. So who knows how the tides might turn on this one?

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