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Cody Rhodes comments on winning ROH World Championship

It would be hard to say we didn’t see this coming but Cody Rhodes has now found himself on top of the world as ROH Champion. We knew Cody would win a big championship sooner or later, the only question was with which promotion. WWE has to be kicking themselves at this point for never giving Rhodes the push he obviously deserved and could flawlessly handle .

Cody defeated Christopher Daniels in a spectacular match at Best In The World 2017. Now with the ROH World Title Cody feels right at home alongside his fellow Bullet Club brethren The Young Bucks as all these guys are covered in gold.

When Rhodes decided to leave WWE some fans questioned Cody’s decision to give up the guaranteed money even if he was also giving up a gimmick which required him to wear face paint and act like a villain from Adam West’s 1960s Batman show. But Cody has been able to create a huge name for himself in the indie scene and says he’s even making more money now than he ever was with WWE.

The brutal road schedule of WWE has changed to selectively making the towns he wants to and Cody’s having a ton of fun doing it. The American Nightmare’s ROH World Title win might have come as a surprise to some but those who have always believed in Cody knew he could do it.

Much like his famous father Dusty Rhodes, Cody is now sporting top gold and he couldn’t be happier. Cody tweeted out that “the Prince just became a King” which is way more than just a metaphor. You can call Cody the King Of Independent Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, or guest starring on “Arrow.” No matter which deserved title you bestow upon Rhodes it would be more than appropriate. Just don’t call him Stardust.

Congrats Cody, we’ve always knew you could do it.

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