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Combat Zone Wrestling announces their pay-per-view deal with Stonecutter Media LTD

Combat Zone Wrestling issued the following press release to us:

"Combat Zone Wrestling, LLC and Stonecutter Media Ltd sign Pay-Per-View Distribution Deal

July 13, 2015 – This weekend in the historic 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia, Stoncutter Media, Ltd president Steve Karel and CZW President David "DJ Hyde" Markland and CZW Vice President Tyrone "Maven Bentley" Scott Signed a deal with Stonecutter Media LTD for the exclusive rights to distribute Combat Zone Wrestling's Live National Pay Per Views on all major Cable, Satellite, and Digital TV providers in the United States and Worldwide.

Since early 2014, Combat Zone Wrestling, LLC ( CZW) has licensed Stonecutter Media Ltd.'s

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"Wrestling's Bloodiest Wars" on demand pay-per-view franchise, (currently airing on INdemand, Vubiqity, Directv, DIsh Network and Shaw) with the trademark "ultraviolence" that has become synonymous with CZW.

Future Combat Zone Wrestling Pay Per View airings will be announced soon."