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Contract details and list of former WWE and TNA names contacted for AAA's new show on El Rey

Here are the details of the contracts being offered to wrestlers by AAA for the new El Rey Network show:

* Contracts would require talent to sign up to "seven series cycles", with each season of Lucha Underground consisting of 8 episodes.

* Contracts could be for as long as seven years.

* Contracts are exclusive, meaning talents would not be able to work independent dates and conventions, unless approved by El Rey.

* Talents would be paid for shows they appear on, but there is no set guarantee of appearances in the contracts.

* Talents could not work for other independent shows, even if it involves them portraying a different character than they portray on the Lucha Underground show.

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* Contracts are not structured to include raises for the talent based on their performance and their standing on the Lucha Underground show, meaning you if sign for seven seasons, you would be making the same amount of money from Season 1 to Season 7.

* Contracts include a longer, unpaid no-compete clause than WWE's 90-day paid no-compete clause should a talent decide to no longer want to work with Lucha Underground.

* Contracts include talent being required to work unpaid publicity days, without a cap on how many a talent may be required to work.

* Former member of Wrestling Society X, Andre Verdun, who is now a lawyer, is representing a number of talents looking to sign with Lucha Underground to try & get them better deals that would allow them to work independent dates.

* Independent wrestlers B-Boy and Ricky Reyes have already signed on to Lucha Underground.

* Former WWE star John Morrison, former TNA star Hernandez, former WWE & TNA star Chavo Guerrero, DGUSA Champion Ricochet and others have been offered contracts with Lucha Underground. None have officially signed as of this writing.