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Crazy match booked for next month - Scott Steiner vs. Nick Gage

scott steiner nick gage icw

A match that many never thought would happen has been booked for next month.

ICW has booked Nick Gage against Scott Steiner for their show on February 15 in Woodside, NY.

Many of you reading this know who Gage is but if you don't then you can look up some of his insane hardcore matches in Combat Zone Wrestling and Game Changer Wrestling.

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Gage made headlines in 2005 when he was arrested for possession of stolen property. In a separate incident, he surrendered to police in 2010 after being charged for a bank robbery and later served five years in prison.

He made headlines in November for the brutal match with David Arquette that included including light tubes. At one point, Arquette was bleeding profusely after his neck was sliced. The match generated tons of buzz on social media for the wrong reasons.