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Cryptic Tweets from Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Austin Aries are making fans very curious

Pro wrestling has many twists and turns associated with it. After all, it’s those surprises that keeps many fans coming back for more. You never know what can happen or what people will do next in their careers. That being said, some rather interesting tweets are being sent out by a few big-name pro wrestling stars who are all promising a big announcement is on the way.

Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Austin Aries have all recently tweeted out teasing social media messages with a cryptic theme that something really big is on the way but they can’t say anything just yet. It’s a pretty good strategy to get people interested and hype something without really hyping it.

Eric Bischoff’s involvement makes it very interesting as well seeing how closely he works with television through his production company Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. Hulk Hogan is always a big numbers draw and Austin Aries is a guy who recently left WWE and is likely to be looking toward his next steps in the business. This could be the recipe for something very epic.

Let’s just wait this one out. But let it be known it looks like something big is on the way in 2018. Of course, these tweets might not have anything to do with each other and it’s all a big coincidence. But if that was the case it would be a rather strange occurrence, to say the least. We’re certainly intrigued.

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