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Date Matt Hardy could win the “Broken Matt” trademark revealed

Matt Hardy hasn’t been allowed to use his beloved Broken Gimmick since coming to WWE due to the fact that Impact Wrestling is laying claim to the gimmick’s ownership.

The House of Hardy is wanting to stop this by any means necessary because it’s bad enough they’ve had to go without the ability to use the gimmick they funded, invented, and nurtured with their current employer, WWE. Therefore Matt Hardy is making more attempts to establish an ownership of the trademark.

Matt Hardy has filed for a trademark which will be published on December 19th giving any parties who wish to dispute this claim 30 days to generate their response. This is just another step in securing the Broken Universe intellectual property, although a trademark is not the same thing. However, owning the trademark is certainly a good start to forming a case for IP ownership.

Intellectual property ownership is really the endgame here but IP, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are blanket terms to describe a number of distinct types of intangible assets. But whatever is going on here, it certainly looks like Matt Hardy isn’t giving up just yet.

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