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Dave Meltzer, Kevin Nash, & other names that were considered as Jim Ross' co-host

Jeff Jarrett officially announced on Jim Ross' podcast this week that Matt Striker will be co-hosting with Ross on the Tokyo Dome show on January 4th. The news got out elsewhere the day before. John Pollock of The Fight Network, who is also an expert on New Japan Pro Wrestling, was also considered. Mauro Ranallo was also brought up but no deal was done because of budget issues. Kevin Nash's name was also brought up as well. There's no word on how seriously they were considering him. Jeff Jarrett had at least one conversation with Chael Sonnen about doing it. Dave Meltzer's name was also in the running since one of Jarrett's friends pushed for him to consider bringing in Dave Meltzer for the show once it was clear that Mike Tenay would not be able do the show.

Meltzer said that he had no contact with anyone about doing the show until someone who is close to the show mentioned to Dave that his name was brought up but they didn't think he'd do it because of his crazy schedule on that week. Meltzer said that if he was asked then he would have done it. Meltzer did confirm that he had a brief email exchange with Jarrett a few days ago over it. John Pollock seemed like the the guy they were going to choose but the day before the decision was made (the decision was made on Saturday) it was decided that they would go in a different direction. Jarretts idea is to bring in someone who would bring the most viewers to the table

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