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DDP reveals the special message Cody shared with him after Dusty Rhodes’ passing

WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. to discuss several professional wrestling topics. “DDP” opened up about how long he has known Cody Rhodes, the advice he gave to Cody when he was younger, and the special message Cody shared with him shortly after Dusty Rhodes’ passing. Check out the highlights here:

How long he has known Cody:

“I’ve known Cody since he was ten. Without Dusty Rhodes there is no Diamond Dallas Page, he took me under his wing and believed in me when nobody did, nobody. … Back then, I used to always call [Cody], ‘young buck.’ I’ve never really told this story until this week, because I’ve been saving it, because of the Young Bucks and how amazing they are.”

Advice he has given Cody when he was younger:

“I went, ‘Woah, well, slow down young buck. I think I was a three-time world champion at one time.’ He was like ‘No! Come on, man!’ and I was just busting his chops.

“I said, ‘Listen, young buck, the deal is you’ve got to keep your feet on the ground because you got a whole big sign on your back. You got a big bulls-eye on that and you gotta keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars, bro.”

The special message Cody shared with him after Dusty’s passing:

“When he passed, Cody had called me and he said, ‘Listen man, you know Dusty would always say he has five friends and I just want you to know right before he passed, he told me that again.’

“He said some guys were off and on the list, but Dallas was always on that list. And for him to tell me that – even though I had heard that from Dream – it was super special.”

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