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Details on what Lucha Underground management said about Vince Russo

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Details on what Lucha Underground management said about Vince Russo

As noted over the weekend, Vince Russo was in Los Angeles and attended both Lucha Underground tapings on Saturday and Sunday. There is not much news to report other than he was treated well by everyone.

There was a company meeting with top people and they were told outright that Russo would not be hired. Some of the veterans who are used to being lied to by management (in general from their history in the business) did not believe it but top people in the company insisted that he wasn’t being hired. Russo said that he was just there for one appearance and to gather material for his podcast. He interviewed ring announcer Melissa Santos for his podcast on Friday. People there said that it seemed like Russo wanted to get back into wrestling.

The feeling was that he didn’t know Lucha Libre and the suggestion he made about needing more women wrestlers on the show was not taken well. I believe Russo was sent a video on YouTube by Konnan a couple of months ago so Russo could check out the product and Russo admitted that he wasn’t familiar with it but seemed to like it. He was in the crowd at the Sunday taping and was also let in backstage from time to time. Shelly Martinez and Katarina Waters were also there at the tapings but I believe they were just visiting.

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