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PWInsider is reporting that Devon Nicholson will stand trial on 10/12 in Kingston, Ontario on charges of assaulting a woman last month.

The report states that he had been incarcerated since his arrest and he appeared before the Ontario Court of Justice this morning at 9 AM for a bail hearing. According to what is posted on his "Hannibal TV" YouTube account, he was with his girlfriend on 8/20 and he was listed on the court docket on 8/29 so the incident would have happened within that timeframe.

Nicholson reportedly has been released under the supervision of his parents and he must either stay with them or stay in contact with them and he is not allowed to have any contact with the victim.

Last year, Nicholson was in the news after a video went viral that showed him stabbing a referee, Lando Deltoro, during a match. Nicholson later claimed on his YouTube page that he was not aware that he was injuring the referee and that Deltoro never indicated to him during the show that he was hurt.

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