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Did Jim Ross call TNA? Ross sets the record straight

Jim Ross responded to reports that he may have called TNA to inquire about possibly getting Mike Tenay to call the Wrestle Kingdom pay-per-view next month:

Read online where I allegedly called and talked to Impact Wrestling officials attempting to get my friend Mike Tenay as my broadcast partner for Wrestle Kingdom 9. What was reported on the internet was leaked, and not by me, and largely erroneous. I texted TNA saying that it would be great exposure for the voice of their brand and that we could talk about Impact’s launch to a new network coming up later that week. Obviously, I would have treated Mike with the utmost respect but TNA brass declined the invite. That’s the truth of the matter. It’s a dead issue and no hard feelings but I can’t see the downside of Mike Tenay and I broadcasting the NJPW PPV as it relates to Impact Wrestling specifically as it relates to me. Nonetheless it’s not happening and Global Force Wrestling moves on to the next candidate of which there are some good one’s.

Ross will have a story on Darren Drozdov on the Fox Sports website on Tuesday. Ross also gives his thoughts on the TLC pay-per-view, the NXT TakeOver show, and more. Check out his full blog by clicking here.


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