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EC3 says a fan went into "The Rant Room" and praised Austin Aries for three minutes



Chris Van Vliet spoke with EC3 this week during an episode of "Insight" where EC3 talked about Control Your Narrative's Fight Club comparisons, the Rant Room, and his thoughts on the pro wrestling industry today.

EC3 addressing the comparisons people are making with Control Your Narrative to Fight Club and if he feels they are justified:

“Absolutely, because we stole a lot of ideas from it. No doubt about it. There was one comment, ‘Someone should tell EC3 that Fight Club is satire and he shouldn’t try to be Tyler Durden.’ I said, “Professional wrestling is satire, so you are making my point.’ I am aware. I am so aware,” he said.

EC3 explaining what the Rant Room is about:

“The Rant Room originated because it sounds cool in my mind. In the first feature we did, I always thought that if we were creating an army of men, there would be this therapeutic room with a camera, almost like a confessional from a reality show. They would walk into the room and just rant and get it out," he shared.

"It started as that, but then I’m watching social media where people are making all these horrific statements to people I know. There is nothing you can say to me to hurt me, but when it is people I know and have the best intentions, these horrible things are being said that no one would say to their face. In essence, maybe I rage-tweeted, but I initiated The Rant Room."

"You can choose three minutes in The Rant Room, pay $100, and say something to a wrestler of your choice and they can’t do anything about it. The backlash we received was because we were using The Rant Room to get money, which I am.”

“We were in Orlando and someone asked me if The Rant Room was real? I said it was and they asked to talk to Austin Aries. I said, ‘Sh*t, OK, I don’t know if he’s here yet.' The one problem is that The Rant Room was initially just meant for me, and bringing other people into my insanity was not the best choice, but those that support it were behind it."

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"So Austin agrees, we find the guy, and I bring them into the room. For those three minutes, all the fan did was talk about how good of a wrestler Austin Aries was and how much he respects him. After a while, the fan said, ‘I wish you would just stop tweeting your opinions so much.’ Austin asked why and the fan had no justification. I’m like, I think this is good. What I learned is that face to face, different opinions can find common ground and peace, and maybe that is what The Rant Room is for.”

EC3 was asked to describe what Control Your Narrative is:

“To Control Your Narrative is to tell your story," he answered.

"That is my intent for it. But we ask people what it means to them, and I’m fascinated by the responses.”

EC3’s thoughts on pro wrestling today:

“I don’t like it. It doesn’t engage me and I can’t watch it.”

EC3 said the turning point was when Goldberg beat The Fiend:

“I know Windham (Bray Wyatt) and he has a super creative mind. I know how much he put into creating that character. You could tell that was him. That was so outside the box, so impressive, and so not WWE. It caught on like wildfire and everyone was into it. You could see people getting involved in it, and it was diluting."

"But the way that he created and he gets defeated on a grand scale, that means something. To watch him put his heart and soul into it and it’s like, ‘Let’s have Goldberg beat him in three minutes.’ At that moment, I knew whatever I did then, it wouldn’t matter. If that didn't work, then what will?”

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