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Former WWE star EC3 spoke with NBC Sports Boston's Steve Fall to talk about Braun Strowman and Karrion Kross' WWE return and what that means for the Control Your Narrative promotion.

EC3 was asked to give his opinion of Triple H taking over creative in WWE:

“What I noticed about Paul, Triple H, is he's a real leader and I got a lot from watching him work as much as the conversations he's very open to having, and how hands down he was with the talent in NXT from top to bottom. Watching him work and lead and address rooms and address people as people as opposed to just objects, I had a lot of respect for it. I think they'll be in very good hands with him under the helm in his direction from what I've seen.”

On if the Control You Narrative tour will still take place now that Braun Strowman has returned to WWE:

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"We're dealing with the ramifications now because when you lose a top level name and a draw, you know, the business does have to be re-evaluated, especially from an outside perspective of our tour, like, that will not go on as planned. I'm trying to salvage an opportunity for some of these days to maintain, but as is, it was booked based on that availability, which is no longer there, and that's okay, because again, small infrastructure. Is that what we are, a traveling promotion? We could be. Are we ready to be? I don't know.”

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If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Steve Fall at NBC Sports Boston with a h/t to for the transcription.