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Eric Bischoff on why he was hesitant to launch a podcast and how Conrad Thompson convinced him to do it



Steven Muehlhausen, combat sports reporter for The Sporting News, spoke with Eric Bischoff ahead of his appearance this weekend at Starrcast during All In weekend:

Bischoff on if an audience would be there for his '83 Weeks' podcast: "I was hesitant (doing the podcast)," Bischoff admitted to SN. "I wanted to do the podcast because I knew from a chemistry perspective that we would deliver. I knew the potential was really there just because of our personalities. Conrad is a very strong personality and a very smart guy. I can be a very strong personality and can be very confrontational. When you put two people like that, sparks are going to fly, bombs are going to go off and things are going to happen. I was looking forward to that."

"What I was a little bit concerned about was the broader aspect of the 'Monday Night Wars' has been done to death. People have been talking about it since it happened. Books have even been done about it. All that narrative has been out there for almost 20 years. It got to the point when me and Conrad were talking about doing this ... 'Do people really want to hear about this one more time?' (Laughs) I’ve probably done a 1,000 interviews about the 'Monday Night Wars' and how 'Nitro' was made. But Conrad convinced me that the audience was still there for it, if it was presented in a different way that would be entertaining and the audience would be there. Credit to Conrad because he was absolutely right."

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Bischoff also discusses being concerned about the long run of the podcast, how many downloads it gets each week and more. You can find the interview and credit the article at: