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Eric Bischoff talks about new Sports Entertainment project he’s working on

Eric Bischoff is a man who wears many hats. The former Raw General Manager and face of WCW recently went into a little detail about one of his many projects on his Bischoff On Wrestling Overrun show.

This new endeavor sounds very intriguing because Bischoff described it as a “sports entertainment-like project.” We can only field guesses right now about what it involves. But apparently it’s in some form of steady development if Eric feels comfortable enough to discuss it on his podcast.

“I’m working on a project for another television project company and they brought me on to create characters and I can’t go too deep into it but it’s a sports entertainment-like property” Bischoff stated. “It’s not wrestling but it’s of the similar category and they brought me in. This is a really big project with some of the largest producers in Hollywood with one of the largest networks in the world.”

“When we first sat down and we started talking about sports entertainment and characters and names always come up. And they would bring up you know — The Rock. I would say: ‘look, Rock as you know him today didn’t start out as The Rock. That was an evolution, that was like trial and error. There was quit a bit of bed sh—– going between the day that he started and the character that we see now. And sometimes you just gotta go through that. Characters evolve. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin didn’t start out ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin […] when he came to WWE he was a Hollywood Blonde.”

We have no idea what kind of project Eric Bischoff is working on. But the fact that whoever he’s meeting with is telling him they want characters like The Rock certainly piques our interest.


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