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GCW owner Brett Lauderdale talks where the promotion ranks in the US, Briscoe Brothers, more



GCW owner Brett Lauderdale recently appeared on SEScoops’ Business of the Business podcast. The following highlights were sent to us:

Is GCW the #3 promotion in the US?

BL: “I’m very confident in our product and I think that what we do is special and unique and entertaining and fun and all that stuff. As far as numbers go, #3, #2 or #1 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7, I don’t really feel like we’re competing with anyone. We’re just focussed on what we’re doing and trying to be the best at what we do.”

The Briscoe Brothers in GCW:

BL: “The Briscoes are awesome and it’s not secret that they are awesome and that they are one of the best tag-teams of all time. Obviously, they were under contract with Ring of Honor, which was great for them."

“Unless you were a hardcore Ring of Honor fan, you don’t really see the Briscoes as much. There’s so many matchup and so many people that have never had the chance to work with them. It’s exciting for the fans and I can also tell you it’s exciting for the Briscoes.”

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PCO saying he's doing 40 shows for GCW next year:

BL: “It’s possible he could do that many but I don’t have 40 dates lined up right now and obviously we don’t have contracts or anything,” he said. "Certainly PCO is a guy we like to have around as often as he can.”

GCW's Relationship with Pabst Blue Ribbon:

BL: “I hate the term sponsor. We’ve talked about this with PBR. We like to consider what we do to be more of a partnership,” Lauderdale said.

“We’re kind of signed on to work together for the duration of 2022. We’ve got several events lined up that we’re going to partner on. A lot of ideas that we’re working on and developing.

PBR is a very cool brand and I think a lot of people don’t fully understand the history of that brand and what they’re doing now. From a cultural standpoint, they match up with us, they are a good match with GCW. We kind of have the same demo.”

Listen to "Episode 53 - Brett Lauderdale of Game Changer Wrestling" on Spreaker.