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Global Force Wrestling’s NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 appears to be a huge success

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling presentation of Wrestle Kingdom 9 looks to be a huge success. The show was largely promoted on the back of Jarrett and Jim Ross doing interviews leading up to the show and Kevin Sullivan (no, not that one) producing tons of videos to help fans learn about the product. There were little to no commericals on cable and satellite providers and the UFC 182 show was being promoted everywhere. In addition, most cable systems chose not to carry the live showing because of the UFC replay and it was a chore to get answers from some cable companies on when the show would be airing. Yet somehow, there was still an incredible buzz for this show.

The Flipps app had it’s issues. Their servers crashed on the day of the show because they got so many orders and they were not prepared for that. Wrestle Kingdom 9 was the most ordered event on their app. There were people on twitter asking for refunds out of frustration. Flipps worked overtime and spent most of the weekend answering questions on twitter and through their website. Other than the first 15 minutes, the show looked good on Flipps and the stream from the app to my TV was good. I’ve watched most of the show again on demand and I didn’t have any issues. I spoke to one guy that bought an Apple TV just so he could watch this show.

DirecTV did air it live but the replay showing would not be until Thursday. The number of buys on the Flipps app beat the number of buys for any ROH iPPV in history. I am sure the feedback after the show from fans helped sell some replay buys to people that were on the fence about ordering. There’s no word yet on how many buys the show did on cable and satellite but if the show is a success then there will be more shows. The talk in Japan is that the April 15 show at Sumo Hall in Tokyo would be the right time to do the second pay-per-view.

Jarrett will be working to do the same thing with AAA TripleMania on North American pay-per-view if the Wrestle Kingdom 9 show pay-per-view numbers come in strong. If that happens then it would be likely that Jarrett will try to get Jim Ross for that show as well.

New Japan will be doing joint shows in North America with Ring of Honor. The dates that have been announced are 5/15 from the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto. That would be an iPPV. Then on 5/16 they would do a TV taping from the same arena. They are also working to book shows for New York and Chicago.

Many cable companies are still showing the show and I believe you can still purchase through the Flipps app. You can stream it to your TV through Chromecast, Apple TV, most smart TVs, XBox 360, and XBox One if you watch through the app.

Here’s the DirecTV replay schedule:

Dish Network is airing a replay on Saturday

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