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GLOW's first full season is finally available on Netflix for streaming



When the brain behind Weeds and Orange Is The New Black first announced she was producing a show about pro wrestling it immediately hit our radar. The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was a real thing back in the 1980's and pieces of the promotion still remain to this day. But now interest in GLOW is surely going to pick up as a show produced by Jenji Kohan about the company is now available on Netflix.

This dramedy features an excellent cast including Allison Brie, Marc Maron, and Awesome Kong. They had some real pro wrestling minds help with the production like Chavo Guerrero Jr so this show should maintain at least a bit of authenticity.

In Chavo's own words he told Rolling Stone: "The executive producers had an idea, and then I put my idea in, saying, 'We have to be true to the rest of the audience. We have a built-in audience, and if we don't do things correctly, we will turn them off and lose a whole bunch of people.' So they were all about being true to a regular Netflix fan but also the wrestling fans, for sure."

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All ten episodes of the show are now available for streaming on the popular subscription service but we must warn you it's very NSFW. Much like other Netflix original programs in the past, GLOW features adult language, themes, and a fair amount of nudity. Let's just say the cameras were allowed in the locker room for this show.

While it is sure to take some creative liberties from what really happened, that's show business. The fact is there's another show about pro wrestling on television and if it's good fans should support it. But if early reviews are any indication of how great it is then pro wrestling fans have little to worry about.