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GoFundMe for Rockin Rebel's wife reaches incredible goal

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The death of Rockin Rebel will hang over the heads of the entire pro wrestling community for a very long time. He might not have been the most popular wrestler but he was known and the horrible events around the murder-suicide are sad on an incredibly tragic level.

Rebel, real name Chuck Williams reportedly took his wife's life and then his own. This left their children and dog without a core family unit and everyone around the situation rallied around \ as much as possible to help console them during this difficult time.

The brother of Stephanie Burtnett, William's late-wife started a crowdfunding page to assist in paying for her funeral and other necessary expenses. The goal was $20,000 which might sound like a lot but it really isn't when considering the expenses we're talking about here.

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In a nice glimmer of light in this horribly dark story, the GoFundMe page has officially reached their goal of $20,000 and is actually over the goal. This is amazing news because Burtnett's family will get this money and hopefully be able to help them carry on while they deal with the lasting effects of this nightmarish situation.

If you would like to donate more than they originally asked for you can click here because they could use all the help possible at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are still with all of their friends and family during this still difficult time.