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Grado cancels appearances due to personal reasons


Grado frequently shows up in Impact Wrestling and on the indie scene all over the world. He puts a smile on anyone's face who watches him perform and he's guaranteed to do everything he can to entertain in whatever town he's making. However, it seems Grado recently experienced a loss in his family and our deepest condolences go out to him at this time.

The popular Scottish pro wrestler was scheduled for an Impact Wrestling media call on Wednesday but had to cancel due to a death in his family when his grandmother passed away.

Grado's friends and fans have shown The Chubby Wee Chancer Fae the Tap End of Stevenston plenty of love and support during this difficult time as well.

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Grado also had to cancel an upcoming appearance for Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland where he is extremely well-loved. We wish Grado the best as he deals with this tragic event as he is in our thoughts as well as his entire family.