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Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank to make pro wrestling debut

Jason David Frank, known to many as green Power Ranger Tommy Oliver, is set to make his pro wrestling debut for Laredo Wrestling Alliance in Laredo, Texas.

The promotion recently shot an angle with Frank to set up his first match in 2019. Check out the video below of Frank getting physical with “Mr. Studtacular” Brysin Scott.

The Laredo Morning Times spoke with Frank about his decision to get into the wrestling ring. ” I love going to South Texas Comic Con, I’ve wanted to do a Power Morphicon down here. We are doing one in Texas, and I have been wanting to do one in Laredo. So, when (LWA) called me, they soon asked what my price was, and I had told them I would come down for free.

I feel like for me and my fan base, you are never too big to attend events like this or come to towns that most people don’t go to. I’m happy to be here.”

Frank said CM Punk and Ronda Rousey crossing over into other sports helped him make the decision to get into the wrestling business. Frank has been backstage at WWE events and he has also challenged CM Punk to an MMA fight. Punk was asked about the fight in an interview a few months ago and he brushed the challenge aside, not wanting to fight someone merely for the circus sideshow aspect of it.

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