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ICW announces company changes following the #SpeakingOut movement

Insane Championship Wrestling

Insane Championship Wrestling

In the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement where many people in the wrestling industry were accused of inappropriate behavior (and criminal behavior in many cases), Glasgow's ICW announced the following changes:

ICW Statement

We have used the past six weeks to conduct a review of our operations and implement a variety of stringent measures to maintain a safe environment for our fans, performers and crew. As an industry leader in this country we took the time that lockdown gave us to listen, discuss, plan and make meaningful changes.

The steps we have taken include:

Creating an official Code of Conduct and Dignity at Work policy which all performers and crew will be required to sign. A Code of Conduct for audience members will also be displayed at our events, and we will have points of contact for fans should they have any concerns.

A Welfare Officer, who is independent of the roster, has been employed. All talent and staff will have direct access to them in person at shows and by phone and email during office hours. They are currently undergoing a series of modules to gain qualifications in:

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Personnel Checks will be carried out on all performers and crew

Any allegations made towards a performer or member of crew will be taken extremely seriously. Anyone charged with a crime will be suspended from ICW, pending investigation, and anyone found guilty will be removed permanently.

We would like to make it very clear that we will not comment on individual cases as doing so could interfere with legal proceedings.

In addition to the measures listed above, ICW supports Equity's 5 Pledges for Wrestling Promotions, and will adhere to:

• Having a clear and robust Dignity at Work policy
• All Transport and accommodation arrangements being agreed upon with talent in advance
• A separate, private and secure dressing room space being provided at every show
• A paramedic being present at every show
• All associated wrestling schools providing clear safeguarding policies

This year has brought about unprecedented change in professional wrestling, and as ICW moves forward with new measures in place, we vow to do everything in our power to keep our industry safe, fair and strong for performers, staff, crew and fans alike.