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Idiot fan crosses a line at indy show and gets confronted by Chelsea Green

When you go to a wrestling show, there’s always a chance that you’ll see a couple of idiots trying to make themselves feel important by attempting to be part of the show with rude or insensitive comments.

At Saturday night’s PWA show in Canada, a bonehead fan decided that he would yell out chauvinistic comments at Chelsea Green during her match. According to fan reports, he was basically calling her a stripper and yelling for her to “take it off.”

The guy probably wasn’t expecting to get confronted by her but, as you can see below, she got right up in his face at the concession stand and it looked like she tipped his beer over. Green is a tough woman so he is lucky that she showed some restraint because she could have knocked him out.

Check out the clip of the incident below and Green’s comment about the moron.

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