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WATCH: Indy wrestler breaks skull in 450 splash gone terribly wrong

A clip of independent wrestler Shawn Phoenix has been going viral on social media lately. The footage shows Phoenix attempting a 450 splash on his opponent outside the ring on a table. However, his opponent moved at the last second, and Phoenix overshot the table, hitting his head on the floor. He was instantly rendered unconscious and event personnel were checking on him seconds after the impact.

Although this clip is just now going viral, the match happened back in October at an International Wrestling Cartel live event in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. Phoenix is from the Pittsburgh area and has wrestled for other promotions such as IWC, Ryse, Blackcraft Wrestling and more.

This particular incident left Phoenix with several injuries including a broken skull, bleeding in his brain, a broken ear canal, spinal fluid leaking from his ear, a concussion, paralysis of the left side of his face, and a torn thumb tendon. You can watch the footage of the accident in the video player below, but WARNING, it is pretty graphic:

The clip even got a response from professional wrestling legend Jim Cornette:

“Modern wrestling, everybody! Now, what was his plan for not paralyzing himself or his opponent if he had ACTUALLY DONE THIS MOVE THE WAY HE THOUGHT HE COULD?”

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