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Jeff Jarrett believes pro wrestling can be mainstream again

Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett recently appeared on the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast about the launch of GFW and the landscape of professional wrestling. Here are the highlights.

On Chael Sonnen eventually wrestling in GFW: "We'll let that play out however it may be. We've agreed to table that for the time being and let him focus on being what he does very well and that's being an expert analyst."

On if pro wrestling can ever be mainstream again: "I think we're in the process of it, I really do. Three years ago you had WWE on Monday and Friday nights at the time, and you had TNA and that was really the only national wrestling, and Ring of Honor had their syndicated deal. But now you have Ring of Honor with their syndicated deal and their cable deal. Yes Destination America is in maybe a little more than half the homes than Spike was, but it's national cable television.

"You have TNA, you have the Lucha Underground on El Rey, you have New Japan (pro wrestling) on AXS so when you have multiple national promotions on multiple networks, things don't happen overnight but the process is beginning to get there. "

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You can listen to the entire interview down below: