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Jeff Jarrett thinks there is room for several major wrestling promotions

Jeff Jarrett did an interview with SEScoops’ The Business of the Business podcast with Lavie Margolin and John Pozarowski where he spoke about the internet and social media making it possible for another wrestling boom. The following was sent to us:

The power of social media:

“To me, it’s really, really simple. It’s not a talent conversation, although it is a talent conversation. So, I say that with all due respect. But at the end of the day, when you look at the world of media/entertainment, just 10 years ago – and I don’t wanna say pre-social media because when we launched TNA there was no YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all that. So, with social media the way it is in our — you know TikTok’s gonna be the most successful social media app and it really wasn’t even around 36 months ago. That’s fascinating to me.”

His belief there is room for other major promotions:

“From a business point of view, not only do I think there’s room for number three, I think there’s room for number four and five. I say that in that yes, United States has been, with all due respect to Japan and Mexico, we have been the exporters of content around the world. But you look at India, you look at South America, they are well aware of WWE and AEW. Matter of fact, folks in India, they’re still very aware of TNA and Impact and all that. So, when you look at things from a global perspective, 10 years ago you looked at, ‘How are we gonna make that Spike deal go from A to B to C?’

“That’s where the money was at. The money is not just driven by cable television [anymore].”

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