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Jim Cornette rants about Joey Ryan's All In segment

Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan

All In took the professional wrestling world by storm last night. The self-funded event by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks from the Sears Centre was a huge success and was received well by fans - for the most part.

One man who took issue with a particular segment on the show is legendary professional wrestling personality Jim Cornette. Cornette took to Twitter and ranted about Joey Ryan's segment at All In. Here's what Cornette had to say about the segment:

"I appreciate everyone checking to see if I had a stroke during #AllIn , thankfully no as I was watching @Svengoolie on @MeTV . That said, sad to hear the guys had that great platform & big crowd & chose to yuk it up with the Dick guy & other horseshit. Why I had no interest.

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"To anyone wondering why I have loved wrestling for 40 years and now don't watch it even if I'm paid to do so: "The dicks made sense for Joey's character". I couldn't have possibly written a better reason not to participate in this horseshit ever again.

"Dick Guy has brought attention to the product much like the Shockmaster brought attention to WCW."