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Jim Cornette sparks another fan backlash over remark about indie wrestling

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Jim Cornette sparks another fan backlash over remark about indie wrestling

Sometimes independent wrestling is a place where fans can witness stars of tomorrow honing their craft while waiting for a bigger stage to come along. Indy wrestling is also a great place for veteran talents to share their wisdom with up-and-coming stars. Other times indy wrestling events can be a cringe-inducing spot fest where you’re just praying nobody gets paralyzed or worse.

Jim Cornette is never known to hold his opinion back concerning pro wrestling. He loves the entertainment art form but also wants it respected and executed safely. He’s seen a lot of guys get hurt in the ring because something wasn’t done properly and he doesn’t want to see any repeat offenses of similarly dangerous spots ever again.

This is why when Jim Cornette saw the following clip featuring Joey Janela executing a death valley driver on the ring apron he just had to comment on the dangers he saw during the move.

Jim Cornette is a wrestling purist through and through and he doesn’t take too kindly to seeing this kind of thing in the ring. He thought it was an unsafe spot, to say the least, and held nothing back when giving his observation of the move.

Sometimes when Jim Cornette speaks out against something he riles up a bunch of people against him. But in this circumstance that wasn’t so much the case. Fans lined up on social media to interject their two cents on this matter and it was plain to see the universal thought was a much safer move could have been executed on the apron during that Revolution Pro Wrestling event.

One fan even got under Janela’s skin when he tweeted out a scathing review of the spot.

Of course, Joey Janela also replied to Jim Cornette’s initial comment as well claiming he’s never hurt someone in the ring before which is a good thing.

And so the battle continues and it’s sometimes even more brutal outside the ring than it is inside the squared circle. As much as you might support independent wrestling it’s hard to watch this kind of clip without cringing at least a little bit even if they’re doing the move which as much safety in mind as possible.

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