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Jim Cornette’s reaction to Mick Foley taking Joey Ryan’s Penisplex was not too kind

Jim Cornette has made his opinion known about Joey Ryan and his Penisplex on several occasions. WHEN MICK FOLEY TOOK A PENISPLEX IT ROCKED DUBLIN IRELAND. The Internet Wrestling Community also went into a frenzy after the mind-blowing spot.

While some loved it, others had a differing opinion and couldn’t believe Mick Foley would do such a “goofy” wrestling spot. When people start discussing the new wrestling that traditionalists despise, Ryan’s signature move is often on top of the list.

Whether you liked it or not, everybody at the OTT show seemed to love it and that’s all that matters to Mick Foley if you ask him.

Many people on Twitter decided to reply on this subject and responses ranged from favorable to not too much:

“Agreed. Mick just seems like a nice guy, probably tough for him to say no. Or maybe he likes Ryan. Hard to tell, but I’m not loving it.”

“This is the 1st time I’ve seen this stupid sh-t and @TheJimCornette is 100% correct…its no wonder ppl don’t enjoy pro wrestling anymore.”

“Meanwhile 2,200 people in the National Stadium, and almost all of the OTT locker room were watching this and having a great time.”

Cornette replied to a couple comments and let his opinion known once more how he wasn’t the biggest fan of Mick Foley taking the “cheesy” wrestling bump.

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