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Jim Ross gets offered a film role, offers thoughts on Stardust and Goldust, last night's Raw

Jim Ross' latest blog is up now. Here are some highlights:

My management team has been approached about a movie role for me that we should either accept or decline in the next day or so. It's an independent comedy film that sounds like a fun project on which to work. Stay tuned.

Ross also gave his thoughts on the team of Stardust and Goldust:

I like the duo of Goldust and Stardust and they have a significant upside. Too bad that they aren't heels, and perhaps they will be in time, as the Usos are fan favorites like the Rhodes brothers and the two teams have the potential to have some great matches but the fans need a team to cheer and one to jeer....IMO. Nonetheless with one simple, creative move Monday night the tag team scene in WWE became topical and relevant.

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He also points out some of the issues with the Adam Rose character and picks Roman Reigns as the next "it" guy in WWE:

It would be good if the Adam Rose persona was better explained to the audience because I'm trying to understand the persona and haven't as of yet. Rose can wrestle, as I observed in NXT, but his persona has many bodies involved with it and those types of presentations are normally given a shorter window to connect with the fans because of the cost involved compared to solo or tag team acts. Rose is a hard working talent who I hope makes it.

Roman Reigns is looking like the next 'it' guy, or so it seems, and I am completely fine with that. Great shine in the battle royal for the Samoan athlete and as I said months ago on the Ross Report Podcast, I've got Reigns winning the Rumble and then the WWE Title at WM31 and hopefully not before. WM31 is the only place to put Reigns on the desired pedestal. Plus, he is far from polished and that comes with time. In other words, I hope he isn't rushed or force fed to the fans.

As always, there is tons more on JR's site and his blog is highly recommended. Ross has more thoughts on Raw and gives thoughts on ROH's lack of promotion for this weekend's pay-per-view. That show has zero buzz going online or on the barker channels. You can read the entire post by clicking here.