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Jim Ross has talks with Global Force Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett will be headed to Tokyo to put the fininshing touches on the plans for the big Tokyo show tha takes place in January. The impression given is that there will be videos on the Global Force Wrestling website to promote the show in January. The January show will be called "Global Force Wrestling presents New Japan Wrestle Kingdom." Cable distributors want the show to be $24.95. However, New Japan charged $35 last year for the Tokyo Dome show on pay-per-view.

The plan is to have a live show on a Saturday night and then a replay at 8pm the next night. The show will be broadcast in English and Japanese. Jim Ross noted that he hasn't had talks with New Japan. However, Ross has had talks with GFW. One issue though would be that there's an Oklahoma Sooners football game on the same weekend of the show.

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