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Jim Ross on Wrestling Observer radio: says TNA should not be WWE lite, talks ROH, New Japan, UFC, and more

Jim Ross was interviewed by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on today’s Wrestling Observer radio. Ross talked about spending a week with Muhammad Ali in the 70s, Mid South Wrestling, TNA, and much more.

Ross said that he feels TNA is showing some signs of life and feels that they have some good talent. His feelings on them is that they need to be the alternative to WWE and not WWE lite.

Ross announced that he will be doing his first show in Toronto during the weekend of the ROH-New Japan event on Friday, May 9th in the Dan Forth Music Hall. The music hall fits about 1,000 people. Ross also noted that he would be attending the ROH show on May 10th. Tickets for Ross’ show go on sale this Tuesday at

Ross was asked about the possibility of announcing the show for New Japan. Jim Ross says he has not had any conversations with New Japan but he certainly will sit down and listen and would be open to discussions.

Ross had some more good advice for TNA’s product and noted that there is no reason for them to have 25 or 30 minutes of inactivity before the actual wrestling starts. He also said that he hopes Jeff Jarrett is right about Jarrett’s thoughts about a new boom period coming.

Ross said that he has a great relationship with people in UFC. He said that he did something for UFC Fight Pass. He also said that he did an interview with them today that could pop up on UFC Magazine or the website.

Ross talked about the talent in NXT, the story from Bob Holly about Dr Death Steve Williams getting paid prior to the Brawl For All (Ross says the story that Bob heard is not true), his podcast, and much more.

Follow Jim Ross on @JrsBBQ. You can listen to the entire interview if you are subscriber at Click here for subscription information.

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