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Jim Ross won't appear on future Dark Side of the Ring: "I have some problems with some Dark Side editing. I thought I was misrepresented a time or two in the edit."



This week on "Grilling JR," Jim Ross shared his thoughts on Stone Cold's WrestleMania match, Pat McAfee's match, FTR's recent run, and how he feels about Dark Side of the Ring.

Jim Ross was asked to give his thoughts on Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38:

"He and I talked going into that thing and we communicated on Saturday after the show," Ross shared. "He seemed to be really happy and almost relieved that they pulled it off."

"He and Kevin Owens deserve a hell of a lot of credit for what they did. To show you what kind of ballplayer Austin is, he hadn't been on the field for 19 years or something like that and he didn’t look like he missed a step. They kept the match in their lane."

"I thought that was really smart how they strategized and laid out that match. It was just absolutely a masterpiece in my view, and Kevin Owens deserves a lot of credit as well. You gotta have a dancing partner to make these things work, and Steve had a great dancing partner".

Ross talking about the Pat McAfee match:

"Pat McAfee had a great WrestleMania and he's one of those guys that has unique abilities to identify with the audience. He has done that," JR said.

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"His accomplishments in the match I thought far exceeded my expectations. So congrats. I congratulated him that night on Twitter."

On FTR’s recent matches with The Young Bucks and The Briscoes:

"I thought the FTR rapidly elevated themselves to arguably the best tag team in the world. Their match they had recently with the Young Bucks was nothing but stimulating. I thought it was just terrific."

"The match they had with the Briscoes, I'd like to see that match returned, because I'd like to call it. I like the Briscoes game. They are really good.”

Jim’s thoughts on Dark Side of the Ring:

“It’s mixed. I have some problems with some Dark Side editing. I thought I was misrepresented a time or two in the edit," he revealed.

"But I mean, I admire those guys' entrepreneurial spirit and I think it's a good purpose, but I think sometimes they bite into the apple of the dirt. They narrowcast a little bit too much for me, but I'm still going to watch their shows."

"I'm not sure I'll be on any more of them simply because I had such unfortunate negative afterthoughts of it, but you know, you never know. Those guys are good guys and they mean well, but I think the edit was a little bit callous and not well thought out quite frankly. So I hope they continue to do those shows, and if they do, I'll continue to watch and we'll see. They should get better at what they do.”

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