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Jimmy Rave's last interview before his passing, getting MRSA in dirty wrestling rings, why doctors had to amputate his legs

JImmy Rave

On this week's Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho aired Jimmy Rave's final interview that was recorded shortly before his passing this week. Rave talking about contacting MRSA and losing his limbs:

“About September or August of last year, I had been doing some yard work. I scraped my arm. It was painful at first, but not anything I would run to the hospital about. I put some Neosporin on it and went about my way. Sporadically, it would flair up a little bit on my left arm, but nothing crazy. Then one day I started having trouble using my hand. My pinkie and my ring finger were contorting to where they wouldn’t open up. At that point, I was like, I need to go to the hospital. They opened it up. It ended up being MRSA. I had MRSA a couple other times due to dirty rings. When you’re on the independents, you’re taking a chance every night. I went to the E.R. They did some tests and they said, ‘We have to admit you right away.’ My arm was kind of warm to the touch. They said, ‘We think the infection is going to get to your heart soon, so we need to be super proactive about this.’ They put me on an I.V. and tried to get everything straightened out. They stopped it from getting to my heart, but by then, the infection had caused a lot of muscle loss and damage to my ligaments and stuff like that. They said, ‘We’re going to have to take your arm above the elbow.’ So like I go in there one day a healthy dude and the next day I come out with no arm and no way to make money. Of course, my life changed in an instant. It was hard to come to terms with everything.”

“They took my arm. They said, ‘Everything seems good.’ That was in November of 2020. Then about May of 2021, I started having real bad pains in my shins. I went back to the E.R. This time I didn’t let it go. They said, ‘We found MRSA in the bottom half of your legs. We’re going to have to take your legs because it’s trying to get to your heart again.’ I was in the E.R. for a few days. They tried to lessen everything and clear up the infection with just antibiotics, but by then, they said, ‘Your body is going to become septic if you don’t do something about this now.”

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During the interview, Rave spoke about his battle with addiction, how he adjusted to life as a triple amputee, his work as a mental health advocate and peer support drug counselor, and he shared stories about his time around Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, working for TNA, NJPW, ROH, wrestling Samoa Joe with a broken jaw, teaming with Lance Archer, his cage match with CM Punk and more.

A GoFundMe has been set up by his daughter at this link.

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