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Joey Styles fired from EVOLVE



Joey Styles has been fired from EVOLVE following comments made to Joanna Rose during Saturday night's EVOLVE 72 show. Styles said, "Joanna, you look great tonight...and if our next President were here tonight he’d want to grab you by the..." Styles was providing commentary for the show when he said that line.

The comment was in poor taste and was not well received by the fans at Saturday night's EVOLVE 72 show. The show aired lived on

Gabe Sapolsky quickly took to twitter to announce that the company has parted ways with Styles. He wrote, "I deeply apologize for Joey Styles' comments and am furious. We've parted ways with Joey Styles and that's my final comment on this. Thank you for your support."

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Styles has generated some news in recent weeks for ripping TNA on social media. TNA's Jeremy Borash posted the following after the news of Styles' firing from EVOLVE: