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John Morrison comments on the future of Lucha Underground

John Morrison, who goes by Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, appeared on Ring Rust Radio to promote Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network.

Morrison was asked about the future of Lucha Underground. Down below is what Morrison had to say:

“I am excited to be along for this ride and to see where it goes. I dig the vignettes; they come off like a gritty action film straight off an AMC TV show. I’m thinking that I’d love to be in one of those and see that happen. I really just am excited to be a part of what comes next. I’m looking forward to it, and glad with the feedback I have gotten from friends in the business and fans and personal friends have been all extremely positive. I am excited, everyone’s excited, and I am thankful for all the fans who are enjoying the product and without that, there would be no Johnny Mundo.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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